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Apple Smart Keyboard Connection Issues

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I just began getting used to the ASK with my iPP 12.9, and suddenly it started giving me serious connection issues. As soon as the iPP is idle or sleeps, the ASK disconnects. And sometimes simply disconnecting it from the smart connector and reconnecting fixes the issues (which is in itself annoying), and other times nothing works, including rebooting. And I just end up sitting there hoping it starts working again. And usually after the umpteenth reconnect to the case, it begins working again.  Anyone had similar issues? I read somewhere that Apple had a free replacement program going on for these things, is that still the case? 

Please help. 

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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Hi @johntimber,

I think we have no apple-krack here in this community. Few weeks ago I had an apple-specially problem, too and no one could help. Sometimes I get support from the community of apple.com.

BTW, I canceled your double thread.

Sorry, that I can`t help.



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